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What Belongs Here

All articles about kinds or tools, specific models or ranges by a maker, or articles on the evolution of tools.

Do not put tool makers here, that goes in Category:Maker .

An article on Spokeshaves should include a general description of use and may discuss certain details of use to explain features of a particular tool. It shouldn't launch into a tutorial for using a spokeshave and discuss all the different aspect of tuning and using one. Save that for the Use(?) category. The purpose is to keep the focus on the history and form of the tool. Adding in protracted descriptions of technique and application would lead to very long articles. I'll add my standard disclaimer though: please feel free to write what you think 'fits' or comes to mind and others can always edit later on.

Structure of Subcategories

The main category is Tools. Actual tool articles should be labeled: Category:Tools. There are some additional categories to sort out more specialized articles. For example tools belonging to a particular maker should be sub-categorized to that maker. ie IE the article: Bedrock Planes would be labeled Category:Stanley Tools (additionally add any other appropriate categories, like bench planes, stanley planes, etc)

  • Tools

Examples of tools from a maker:

  • Stanley Tools
Pages:Stanley Bench Planes, Bedrock Planes, Stanley Plow Planes, Stanley Block Planes, Stanley Rules, Stanley Braces, etc
  • Goodell-Pratt Tools

Examples of broad category of tools:

  • Edge Tools
Would include articles like Chisels, Drawknives, Axes, etc. A page "Stanley Chisels" would be marked both Category:Stanley Tools and Category:Edge Tools
  • Planes
  • Woodworking Tools
  • Leatherworking Tools
  • Blacksmithing Tools


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