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  • 1884 - Charles IRWIN purchases rights to solid center auger bit
  • 1885 - The IRWIN Auger Bit Co. is formed
  • 1924 - Bill Petersen granted basic patent for locking pliers
  • 1934 - Petersen Manufacturing Co. formed to manufacture and market Vise-Grip locking tools
  • 1938 - First official Vise-Grip tools plant opens in an old DeWitt, Nebraska drug store with a staff of 37
  • 1945 - First National Hardware Show; Vise-Grip tools are there
  • 1957 - Modern-design 10WR Vise-Grip locking pliers go on the market with curved jaw and wire cutter
  • 1962 - Petersen Manufacturing opens a plant in Cumberland, Wisconsin for manufacturing twist drills
  • 1978 - Petersen Manufacturing workforce expands to 637 people
  • 1979 - Gorham, Maine plant opens, manufacturing Hanson and IRWIN branded tools
  • 1985 - American Tool Companies, Inc. is formed by the Petersen family and acquires Petersen Manufacturing
  • 1993 - American Tool acquires The IRWIN Tool Company, a revered manufacturer of power tool accessories and cutting tools
  • 2002 - Newell Rubbermaid acquires American Tool
  • 2003 - American Tool name officially changes to IRWIN Industrial Tool Company



Known for its solid core auger bits.

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