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Millers Falls

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  • 1868 Incorporated in Millers Falls, MA
  • 1907 Acquires Langdon Mitre Box Company
  • 1931 Relocates to Greenfield, MA
  • 1931 Acquires Goodell-Pratt
  • 1962 Acquired by Ingersoll-Rand
  • 1982 Spun off by Ingersoll-Rand


Over the years, Millers Falls acquired other well-known manufacturers, expanding the company's catalog.


Known for its very diverse product line, Millers Falls manufactured and sold all manner of hand and stationary power tools. The scope of its offerings is best understood from viewing its product catalogs.

Type Studies


  • 1904 Pocket Catalog "B" [2]
  • 1912 Catalog "H" No. 32 [3]
  • 1925 Catalog No. 39 [4]
  • 1981 Catalog [5]


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