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Stanley Planes

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Stanley made a wide range of tools but one their biggest lines was woodworking planes. Not covered here are Stanley scrapers and spokeshaves.

Brief History

  • First planes offered
  • Acquisition of Bailey bench planes
  • Introduction of Plow Planes
  • Major Acquisitions

Bench Planes

Stanley made several models of bench planes as well as offered some designed/made by other firms, usually after buying them out.

This lines included the eponymous Bailey, as well as Bedrock, Gage, 'Liberty Bell/'76' and many special-purpose designs.

See Stanley Bench Planes for the details of each line.

Block Planes

Excelsior (9-1/2) Models


The rest of the range

Plow & Combination Planes

Miller Patent

The No. 45

The No. 55


Shoulder & Rabbet/Rebate Planes

Router Planes

Circular Planes

Fibre Board and Weatherstrip Planes

Specialty Planes